Santa Cruz fotolab


Information & FAQ’s

Santa Cruz Fotolab, in its constant commitment to innovate and offer the best service, is the only professional and amateur photographs page of surfing authorized by Costas and Arona in Playa de Las Americas – Tenerife, Canary Islands.

We have on our beaches, a team of photographers who portray your surfing in a professional way.
The photos are published on the web, the same day you have been surfing.
We guarantee * and offer our presence to all surf schools classes, every day of the week.
* The service will be affected by weather conditions

How does it work?

Our photographers are located in different points on the beach and shoot at the schools and the local surfers in a random way. If you want a picture you just have to sign or pass near him.


How do I get a discount?

If you purchase items in bulk we can offer the following discounts:


If you purchase 3 items, you get a discount of 15%
If you purchase 5 items, you get a discount of 20%
If you purchase 7 items, you get a discount of 30%
If you purchase 10 items, you get a discount of 40%
If you purchase 20 items, you get a discount of 50%
If you purchase 30 items, you get a discount of 60%


Fill out the form below and we will send you a code that you can apply on the checkout page or you can email us at


How do I receive my photographs?

Once the payment is made on the checkout page you will be able to download your selected photos on the next page.

Large photos are 1800 x 1200 px – 72dpi

Medium photos are 900 x 600 px – 72dpi

with the Santa Cruz Fotolab (free Surf) and school (classes) logo in the corner

* If you need a larger size write an email and we will send your photos at 300 dpi.


What happens if I don’t receive any emails?

The computer system can sometimes take a few seconds to communicate with the server of the page and when you leave soon you could lose the download link without receiving any photo.

No problem! If you contact us via email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, mobile phone or landline, our photographers will answer as soon as possible to solve the problem and send the photos purchased.